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Vision for Issaquah
My priorities include investing in quality of life transportation projects, working with neighboring towns to improve traffic flow and transit, focusing on common sense fixes to our land use code for more affordable + missing middle housing, and championing fiscal responsibility in our decision making.


Traffic congestion is a major issue, as shown by the Community Survey. I support investments in projects that prioritize local traffic, enable more frequent transit service, and make walking and biking around town easier and safer. 


I'm proud of our accomplishments, including: 

  • Working with local cities to successfully advocate for state investment in SR 18 to help pass through traffic

  • Creation of the Transportation Advisory Board and adoption of their recommended Mobility Master Plan

  • $1 million investment in light rail planning and I-90 crossing location

  • Piloted and launched Olde Town traffic calming

  • Championed budget investments in street and sidewalk maintenance

  • Support for public transit routes, including the upcoming Talus and Squak neighborhood shuttle

Public Safety 

Like other cities regionally and nationally, Issaquah has seen an increase in property crimes over the last several years. This, in addition to record turnover in police staffing, left many residents and businesses feeling less safe. I support a mixed approach to public safety, addressing both the root cause and results. 

I am proud of investments in public safety for Issaquah, including:

  • Hiring Chief Paula Schwan to lead and re-grow our police department

  • Our successful focus on full staffing for police officers, dispatchers, and jail staff, including hiring & retention bonuses which helped fill 27 previous vacancies

  • Passing a shopping cart ordinance to reduce walk-out shoplifting from retail stores

  • Growth of our Human Services department from 1 to 6 staff, including 2 Behavioral Health Coordinators who respond to crisis situations

  • Support for our Community Court program to combat the "revolving door" on the criminal justice system

Affordable Housing & Cost-of-Living

Issaquah has the most expensive rents across King County. This is a significant challenge for the 10,000 people who work in the city but cannot afford to live here as well as current residents struggling or priced out of their homes.

I'm proud of our work in this area, including:

  • Support for a future Transit-Oriented Development project near the Park & Ride with 155 affordable units

  • Continued support for ARCH (A Regional Coalition for Housing) to build new affordable housing

  • Direct rental assistance, low income utility rebates, and grants to non-profit organizations

  • Creation of the Homeless Outreach Program which has helped permanently house 33 people since 2021

  • Practical steps, such as a land use code rewrite, to make it easier to build missing middle housing and lower the cost of development

Other Important Issues

There are so many essential areas of policy and budget support to create a thriving community.

I'm also passionate about:

  • Local action on the climate crisis - our implementation list for the Issaquah Climate Action Plan is daunting, but impressive

  • Support for local businesses - as a small business owner myself, I know the difficulties of running a business

  • Fiscal responsibility to create a balanced budget that addresses community needs

  • A focus on maintenance & repair to be good stewards of local investments

  • Emergency preparedness - I joined the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in 2012

  • Protection of our natural environment, including the hiring of our first Park Ranger and Urban Forest Supervisor

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